B'nai Mitzvah

Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El strives to make your b'nai mitzvah a time in your lives that you will cherish forever. We offer many options for your special day including Friday evening, Saturday morning and evening and, new for this year, Thursday morning b'nai mitzvah celebrations. We tailor each service to your needs and requests, involving many members of your family, friends, and loved ones.

During the year of b’nai mitzvah your family will be encouraged to participate in a mitzvah project of your choice.  Our clergy will chat with you about the different ways  in which your b’nai mitzvah may be enhanced though acts of loving kindness and tikun olam (perfecting our world). We’d love to see you during services, Temple and youth programming, as well as the many social, cultural, and educational offerings at TKAE.

B'nai mitzvah lessons take place weekly on an individual basis, starting five to six months prior to your date. Cantor Mark is delighted to meet with you in person or on Skype, whichever is the most convenient and works with your family dynamic and schedule. Our clergy meet with b'nai mitzvah children and families on an ongoing basis throughout the year to discuss Jewish values, beliefs and customs.

As part of the b'nai mitzvah family programming all of our prospective b'nai mitzvah families get together throughout the year for social and educational events, services and programs.

B’nai mitzvah dress rehearsals take place two weeks prior and the week of b’nai mitzvah in our sanctuary. Lisa Pearlman, the clergy secretary will contact you one month prior to your b’nai mitzvah to schedule these rehearsals. Please fill out the form available from the menu on the right or at the link below and press submit.

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Photographers and videographers are welcome prior to the b’nai mitzvah. Please schedule this  with Lisa Pearlman. During a double b’nai mitzvah, this is esp[ecially important.  Photographers and videographers must be out of the sanctuary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of services. They may continue to take pictures and video the service from the very back of the sanctuary. Please send Lisa their certificate of insurance at least one month prior to the service.

We’re excited to make this an incredibly special and meaningful day in the life of your family and friends. Please don’t hesitate to contact the clergy if you have any questions whatsoever.

B'nai Mitzvah Prayers

This page includes prayers and blessing resources for our b'nai mitzvah students with recordings and text.  Set aside time every day to listen, read, and practice the materials slowly and methodically.  And of course, the best way to practice is by participating in services.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Vahavta (click to download print version)iconopdf-small
iconopdf-smallTorah Blessings (click to download print version)
iconopdf-smallDonning the Talit (click to download print version)
iconopdf-smallBlessing Before Reading the Haftorah (click to download print version)
iconopdf-smallBlessing After the Reading of the Haftorah (click to download print version)
iconopdf-smallAvot and Imahot (click to download print version)


Parent Speech Sample

B'nai Mitzvah - Guidelines October 2013