If you are interested in becoming more involved with your religious community in a specific area of interest or just would like to volunteer your time to Kol Ami Emnu-El in one of our areas of need, Please contact us at 954.472.1988 and we will help get better connected to the mitzvah opportunity of your choice.

Israel Advocacy

Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El’s Israel Advocacy Committee is dedicated to increasing knowledge about Israel by bringing events and programs to educate, inform, raise consciousness, increase advocacy and activate our congregation into a pro-Israel community. Our programs range from the cultural to the political and everything in between.

We are affiliated with ARZA , an organization that strengthens and enriches the Jewish identity of Reform Jews in the United States by ensuring that a connection with Eretz Yisrael is a fundamental part of that identity.

ARZA develops support for and strengthens the Reform movement in Israel and promotes advocacy for a Jewish, pluralistic, just and democratic society in the State of Israel.

We partner with the RAC: the Religious Action Center. As the Washington, D.C., office of the Union for Reform Judaism, the RAC educates and mobilizes the Reform Jewish community on legislative and social concerns, advocating on more than 70 different issues, including economic justice, civil rights, religious liberty, Israel and more aswell as AIPAC: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a bipartisan organization and leader in the effort to affect Israel’s future and promote U.S. interests in the Middle East, we work together to urge members of Congress to support pro-Israel legislation.

Youth Groups

At Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El, we offer four outstanding youth programs for children in grades 3-12, consisting of social, religious, and cultural programming, which takes place in an informal and fun setting, under the supervision of our professional youth advisors. Participating in a Jewish Youth Group is an important way in which Jewish children create a positive connection with the Jewish people and Jewish tradition. Our supportive environment enables children to broaden their friendships with Jewish kids beyond their own regular school experience.

KaFTY:   KaFTY, our senior high school youth group which is open to all 9th – 12th graders, offers a full calendar of informal monthly weekend events throughout the school year.   KaFTY events are social, religious, cultural, and most importantly fun!  Experience the annual "Kidnap" weekend retreat , overnight “Shul-In” sleepovers, sporting events including the Dolphins and Marlins, theme parks, dances and much more.

KaFTY also has a number of leadership and community service opportunities available.  Get involved by leading teen Shabbat services to hosting social action projects including serving food at a homeless shelter to running beach clean ups.

In addition to the great events that KaFTY provides, we participate in NFTY, the National Federation of Temple Youth, which offers five weekend long regional and national events during the year for youth groups throughout Florida.  Over 250 teens come together during each event for a weekend full of learning, socializing, social action, and community building.

KaFTY events are planned and coordinated by our elected teen leadership board and guided by a professional youth advisor.  KaFTY board elections take place each year in May and are open to all Temple members.  KaFTY members can also volunteer to chair an event. Develop friendships, stay connected, have a blast and join KaFTY

MiSTY (grades 6-8)  has an active schedule, especially since we explore all the fun activities available in the South Florida area and beyond. From the Mystery Bus Ride, to Shul-In’s, MiSTY offers great opportunities for 6th, 7th and 8th graders to meet new people while also hanging out with their friends. MiSTY plays an active role in the life of our synagogue.

KaTONTY  (grades 3-5) This energetic youth group has a packed schedule! Each month we take an adventure to different locations, including but not limited to Laser Tag, magic shows and horseback riding. There are always new people to meet and lots of energy.

Community Service Opportunities

Many of our youth are required to take part in a certain number of community service hours a semester for their regular schools. We offer numerous opportunities for our children to fulfill those requirements. From participating in or planning the annual Mitzvah Day, food and clothing drives, or for our older kids, volunteering to staff youth events, there are plenty of opportunities for the youth of Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El  to make a difference.

Youth Lounge

Kids of all ages are welcome to hang out in our state of the art youth lounge! Whether they want to do homework in a different setting, watch a movie, play pool, or simply hang out with friends… this is where it’s at!College Outreach:

As a congregation, we embrace the spirit of L'dor V'dor (from generation to generation). As our young adults leave home, many for the first time, we let them know that although they are out of sight, they are never far from our hearts. Our College Committee prepares and sends care packages to our college students throughout the year. We even include some inspirational words and comic strips––anything to let the kids know we care!

With every mailing, we send an email to students (and copy the parents!!) to let them know that it might be a good time to check their mailbox. We can assure every parent, based on the replies we receive from the students, that the packages are well received!

We have dozens and dozens of students on our list! We reach out to parents over the summer, to update addresses, add names, etc. It's never too late to add a student to the list or to join our committee.

Interfaith Outreach

We welcome the interfaith community to Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El. We are home to many interfaith families and we recognize and support the special concerns and considerations of these members. At Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El, we welcome the participation of our members who come from other traditions and we honor their contribution to our rich and diverse community. We strive to help all our members feel comfortable being active participants in synagogue life. We are also here to support our Jewish members whose children are in interfaith relationships.
We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you integrate into our welcoming community.

Music, Yoga, Dance & Theatre

Adult Choir: Open to all. No prior knowledge of music or ability to read Hebrew is required. Just bring plenty of enthusiasm and a love of music. Performs at the High Holidays and throughout the year

Generations Choir: Love to sing, learn new music, and have fun? Join us prior to each & every shabbat simcha at 5.45pm in the sanctuary. Feel the shabbat spirit!

Yoga: Join Melanie Wednesday mornings at 10:00am for your yoga boost. Get to know your fellow yoga enthusiasts over starbucks following

Dance: A totally new and original concept in prayer. Interpret a musical setting of a Jewish theme, prayer, or message, through dance and enjoy the opportunity of sharing your vision with our Temple family during special shabbat services which will be scheduled throughout the year.