A Conversation with the Clergy

A Conversation with the Clergy is a new innovative Jewish outreach program that Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El. While the synagogue is a vibrant and busy place, we also need to be simultaneously creating programs that meet the continual changing religious landscape. We are experimenting with new and different ways to connect with our families and incredibly busy members of the Jewish community. With today’s many forces pulling families in so many different directions at accelerating speeds it is the job of rabbis and Jewish leaders to help create a calm and balanced equilibrium between the social, political and technological forces that are tugging on us all to help establish the new religious and spiritual connections with our temples and Judaism.

Creating spaces in the community to connect with Jews and that allows for connection and one-on-one dialogue is one way one way to join in on the conversation. People are also interested in learning about our new learning programs for our youngest to teen population. During this past year we have created new innovative learning programs and Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs that are available online as well as we have created spaces and opportunities to meet with people in the community that allows for one on one dialogue.

Through this community outreach program, Rabbi Needleman hopes to connect with many members across the entire Jewish community.

A conversation with Rabbi Needleman and Cantor Mark Goldman is an on-going program. For questions please call: Barbara Shub (954) 298-9153.

Bring your friends...All are welcome, members and potential members!