Toddler Level

Yudmila Arias

Lead Teacher
Staff Credential
Teaching since 1999 • With TKAE since 2014

I like to prepare my students for their future success. It makes me feel happy and satisfied when I see how much they can learn; and like the feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing my students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills. They make me feel new every day.

Ashley Bisnow

Assistant Teacher
University of Florida, B.S. Pyschology, 2011
Teaching since 2013 • With TKAE since 2015

I like seeing the children learn and grow, understanding each child’s unique personality, and envisioning what they will accomplish as they reach adolescence and adulthood.

Silvya Chehebeir

Assistant Teacher
Teaching and working at TKAE since 2014

I love teaching children because I truly feel I make a difference every day. I love watching the development of children, and helping them to become independent. I like my job because of the closeness of the staff and the family-like environment.

Davita Golovin

Assistant Teacher
B.S., Psychology, Florida Gulf Coast University, 2015
Teaching and working at TKAE since 2015

I like seeing how quickly the children learn, and how eager they are to learn. I love seeing their reactions when they are amazed and surprised by something new. I like my job because it is very rewarding to educate children who will be our future adults. I also love seeing their smiling faces every day.

Beverly Kramer

Assistant Teacher
Staff Credential
B.S., Business Management
University of Miami, 1984
Started teaching and have been with TKAE since 2000

I find teaching children very rewarding. Nurturing their growth in a positive and loving environment is my goal. When a child is ready to move up to the next level, then I know I have made a difference in a child’s life. Working at Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El feels like a family between the teachers and the parents. My children attended school here, and I never left.

I have been married to my husband Andy for 25 years and I have two great children. We have a dog, cat and a fish. I enjoy going to the movies, gardening and reading at Barnes & Noble.

Monika Michaeli

Lead Teacher
Jackson Memorial School of Nursing
Registered Nurse • Associates in Science
Teaching and have been with TKAE since 2016

I love children. They make me happy. I love singing and playing. I love working with children. They are full of energy and give great hugs.

Vivi Pelman

Lead Teacher
Teaching and have been with TKAE since 2009

I love teaching young children because there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping and seeing a child achieve their first milestones. I love my job because of the amazing environment and friendships at TKAE.

Laura Zatkowsky

Lead Teacher

Bachelor's Degree, Early Childhood Education
Master's Literary Education
Master's Educational Administration
Teaching and have been with TKAE since 2014

Spending the day with kids is so much fun it doesn't feel like work. I love watching all of their successes, big and small, as they grow throughout the year.

Ronit Zinn

Lead Teacher

Bachelor's Degree
Teaching since 1990 • With TKAE since 1997

It makes me happy to see the smiles on their faces and the excitement when they learn or say something new. I love sharing my enthusiasm of the Jewish holidays and other lessons with my children. TKAE plays a big part in my life, and setting the foundation for children is an amazing gift.

I moved here from Israel with my three wonderful children. My hobbies are movies, gym, beach and couponing.