Pre-Nursery Level

Cheryl Wolf
Lead Teacher

Child Development Associate
Teaching since 2000 • With TKAE since 2004

My hobbies are yoga, playing mah jongg, sudoku puzzles and having fun with family and friends. I like to watch the children in my class learn and grow as the school year progresses. The changes I see by the end of the year are always remarkable to me. I love my job because the children keep me laughing, having fun and they keep me young.

Sigi Ashwal
Lead Teacher

B.S., Education,
Nova Southeastern University, 2011
Teaching since 1995 • With TKAE since 2015

I love teaching children because I enjoy the interaction with them. I love getting silly with them and making them laugh; the look in their eyes when they are curious; and the excitement of discovery. I want to show them that learning can be fun. I love to show them that they are capable of doing things on their own, and watch their faces light up when they succeed. I love to teach them to be confident and assertive, and love who they are regardless of what other think.

I love my job because I feel it makes a difference in these children’s lives. I give them a positive first learning experience in a fun, safe and happy environment. I love my job because I love kids, but, moreover, I love to feel loved by them. I love my job because even when I have a tough day at work, I’m still excited to come back the next morning.

Courtney Briestein
Assistant Teacher

B.S., Psychology, University of Florida, 1998
Teaching and working at TKAE since 2014

I love the feeling of seeing children grown in knowledge, confidence and skills. Teaching is a fun and creative outlet for me and keeps me learning new things every day. I love coming to work and seeing all of the kids’ smiling faces and getting big hugs from them. It’s a wonderful feeling to spend your day with happy children and knowing that you are a big part of that.

Franziska Dombrosky
Assistant Teacher

Child Development Associate
Teaching since 1995 • With TKAE since 2015

It feels great to see a child’s eyes light up when they have learned and tried something new; when they suddenly are able to do something they weren’t previously able to do. When “my” kids are waiting to come into my class – happy to be there – and run over to give me hugs, it makes my day! I like my job because it is fun and never a dull moment. The best part is that you mean so much to all those little ones and they look up to you – it makes me feel good to know they are happy in their home away from home.

Charisma Goodman
Assistant Teacher

Staff Credential
Teaching and working at TKAE since 2ooo

As an early childhood educator, I have the privilege of helping children develop and early love for learning. I respect the immense responsibility of building one of the first trusting relationships outside of the family. These experiences help with the positive development in children, and I am thrilled to play an active role in this aspect of children’s lives. Plus, it’s loads of fun!

Teaching is a reciprocal gift exchange between the teacher and the student that never ends. So often our job is measured by what a child learns; but I assure you that, as a teacher, I never stop learning from my students. As a life-long learner, this makes for the perfect job. I also enjoy my job because it keeps me in a good mood. I get to develop partnerships with my students’ families, and I get to make connections with the population of young families within my Temple’s congregation – a place that is invaluable to me and the family that I have raised with my husband, Jim.

Ande Klein
Lead Teacher

B.A., Early Childhood Education,
Brooklyn College, 1970
Teaching since 1975 • With TKAE since 2015

Unlike grown ups, everything is new to a child, and children still believe that magic can happen and dreams do come true! I am a shoe-tying, tear-drying, line-leading, story-reading, smile-bringing, song-singing, question-asking, multi-tasking, preschool teacher!

Ryan Levinson
Lead Teacher

B.S., Psychology, 2010
Teaching since 2010 • With TKAE since 2013

My passion is to teach young children. The highlights of my days at work are when I see a child’s eyes light up when they learn or try something new. Every passing day brings new adventures, and the most gratifying and rewarding part is knowing these little people look up to you and you aid in their care and growth. Teaching preschool is about bonding with children, loving children, and helping children develop a love for learning. Working at TKAE has become my second home.

Orie Sofer
Assistant Teacher

B.S., Psychology
Teaching and working at TKAE since 2015

I enjoy teaching and interacting with young children. My goal is to create a safe and fun environment for them; a place that they love to come to every morning. I like working with children because it is very rewarding watching how they grow and develop. It's exciting to see how quickly they adjust to their new environment, follow class routines and acquire skills.