Please take care of whatever needs to be taken care of (in short, being a member in good standing), in order to get your tickets for the High Holy Days. Tickets are non-transferable.

Tickets For Guests

We have a limited number of guest tickets available to immediate relatives of members in good standing, for a contribution of $180 per ticket or $218 for non-members. Of course, it would be much better if your family and friends who were not members of the Temple would join. But if not, for whatever reason (out of town visitors, for instance), please call the Temple office or come in and make those arrangements.

Please note that Temple policy does not allow persons to allow their membership to lapse and then purchase tickets. Membership is the heart of our existence. Invite your neighbors, friends and family to join as members, in support of our Temple and our Jewish Community.

Inter-Generational Membership – A Well-Kept Secret!

Certainly we all know that it is a wonderful experience when multi-generations of the same family can worship together. To encourage this, for many years the Temple has offered a membership category called “Inter-Generational Membership.” This means that if the “core family” (full paying family members) are members in good standing, their senior parents (65 years and older) and/or their adult children (up to 33 years old) could become members for one-half of what their normal membership dues would be. What a wonderful gift to give to your parents or your young adult children! What a beautiful way in which to share Temple life together with your family. For more information, please call the Temple office or come in and make those arrangements.

Tickets For Students and Service Personnel

Any full-time college student or member of the armed forces need only come to the Temple to pick up their tickets gratis.


If you are a member in good standing of Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El, you will be given the courtesy of worshiping with any other URJ (Union of Reform Judaism) Temple in the country. These arrangements for admission have to be made ahead of time. Contact the Temple office if this may apply to you.