Uriel Romano

(Senior Rabbi)

Published On: 8 de agosto de 2022


Rabbi Uri is a distinguished spiritual leader and educator with a profound commitment to enriching lives through the teachings of Judaism. Born in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires in 1989, his journey has been marked by a deep-rooted connection to his heritage and an unyielding passion for nurturing souls.

His transformative journey began during his teenage years when he assumed the role of a madrich (youth leader) in the synagogue his parents played a pivotal role in establishing. This  phase ignited his fervor for Judaism and a profound desire to share its wisdom with others. The foundations of his spiritual calling were solidified during a transformative gap year at Machon LeMadrichim Chutz LaAretz in Israel, where Rabbi Uri affirmed his path to become a rabbi.

In 2008, Rabbi Uri embarked on a dual pursuit, enrolling in rabbinical school at Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano while simultaneously pursuing studies in Political Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires. His has engaged in diverse roles across various congregations and schools, including positions as a Jewish History Teacher, Talmud Torah tutor, and Youth Director.

His gaines the title of “Jewish Elementary School Teacher» from the prestigious Abrabanel Institute in 2010. During this phase, he embarked on a unique educational journey, simultaneously studying at his local conservative rabbinical seminary while immersing himself in the rich teachings of orthodox Yeshivot. His dedication extended beyond academia, as he visited small Jewish congregations in Argentina and served as a visiting scholar for N.C.I in Uruguay, fostering connections and enriching lives.

In 2012, Rabbi Uri attained a Master’s degree in Political Science. His journey continued to unfold in 2015 when he married Leila Cohen Sabban, and together they embarked on a transformative year of study at the Shechter Institute in Israel. There, Rabbi Uri deepened his expertise, attaining a second Master’s degree in Jewish Studies, specializing in Midrash and Talmud.

Rabbi Uri’s official rabbinical journey commenced as a youth director at Hillcrest Jewish Center in New York. Following this enriching experience, Rabbi Uri, together with his wife and their son Noah, returned to Buenos Aires. There, he devoted four impactful years to a new reform synagogue, Judaica Norte in Nordelta, leaving an indelible mark on the community.

In June 2022, Rabbi Uri embraced the role of Senior Rabbi at TKAE, a significant step that reflects his unwavering dedication to serving and guiding congregants. Residing in Plantation with his wife Leila and their three beloved children, Noah, Libbi, and Aaron, Rabbi Uri continues to inspire and uplift lives.

In 2020, he authored his debut book, «Las mujeres del Talmud» (Women of the Talmud), offering insights into the often-unheard voices within Jewish tradition. His prolific writings, featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, showcase his dedication to illuminating minds and hearts. The digital realm is Rabbi Uri’s canvas, where he passionately shares Torah commentaries and articles on his website. With two podcasts—one exploring diverse Jewish topics and the other delving into Daf Yomi, a page of the Talmud a day—Rabbi Uri harnesses technology to connect, educate, and inspire. His vibrant presence on Twitter further amplifies his impact, fostering meaningful dialogues and connections.

Rabbi Uri’s journey exemplifies a fusion of unwavering tradition and modern engagement, underpinned by a profound commitment to education, leadership, and spiritual growth. His enduring legacy enriches the lives of all who have the privilege of crossing his path.


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