Uriel Romano

(Senior Rabbi)

Published On: 8 de agosto de 2022

Rabbi Uri, as he likes to be called, is originally from Argentina. He was born in Buenos Aires (1989) and raised in a traditional Jewish home. As a teenager he started being a madrich (youth leader) in his local synagogue that his parents helped to found. At that stage he started to feel a true passion for Judaism and especially towards teaching others about our shared heritage. Upon finishing high school  he went for a gap year in Israel (Machon LeMadrichim Chutz LaAretz) where he confirmed his calling to be a rabbi. 

In 2008 he started rabbinical school (Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano) alongside his studies of Political Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires). While studying both paths he started working in different congregations and schools as a Jewish History Teacher, Talmud Torah tutor and Youth Director. 

In 2010 he received his title of “Jewish Elementary School Teacher” (Abrabanel Institute) and entered the second stage of his rabbinical career. While studying at his local conservative rabbinical seminary he also decided to explore and learn in orthodox Yeshivot during the afternoon for several years. Together with his studies he also started to visit as a “rabbinical student” at small Jewish congregations of Argentina and he was a visiting scholar for N.C.I (Uruguay) for two years. 

In 2012 he received his M.A. in Political Science. In 2015 he married Leila Cohen Sabban and they went together to Israel for his last year of rabbinical school. At the Shechter Institute he also got his M.A. in Jewish Studies (with specialization in Midrash and Talmud). 

His first position officially as a Rabbi was as a youth director in Hillcrest Jewish Center (New York). Following that two year position together with his wife and now their first son Noah, decided to go back to Buenos Aires where he served for four years in a new reform synagogue in the suburbs of Buenos Aires (Judaica Norte, Nordelta). 

In June 2022 he started as the Senior Rabbi at TKAE. He is now living in Plantation together with his wife Leila and their three children, Noah (2017), Libbi (2018) and Aaron (2021). 

Rabbi Uri sees education as his main task as a rabbi but not only in the synagogues he works in but also in other areas. He wrote his first book in 2020 “Las mujeres del Talmud” (Woman of the Talmud in Spanish), and has written dozens of articles which appeared in different magazines and newspapers. He is an avid reader and writer. The Internet for him is his second synagogue/home. He has a website where he uploads Torah commentaries and other articles. He also has two podcasts (in Spanish for now) one weekly about different Jewish topics and one daily about Daf Yomi (a page of the Talmud a day). He is also very active on twitter.


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