Women of Reform Judaism WRJ/Sisterhood

Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El’s WRJ/Sisterhood is a group of women of all ages within our Temple family. Our goal is to bring women together to serve our Temple, support our Jewish community and build close friendships. We accomplish this goal through educational and social programming, fundraising and community service, all while incorporating the values and traditions of Judaism. Our WRJ/Sisterhood is truly about working together to create a sense of community that matters. Membership is the key to our thriving organization. Each WOMAN makes a difference. As a part of WRJ (Women of Reform Judaism), we strengthen the voice of Jewish women worldwide. At Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El we welcome all women to join us.

Fall Calendar

(See the Temple Connect or call the office for details!)

  • 08/28 – Welcome back – Sunday school starts- parents can drop off kids and Rabbi talks about Rosh Hashanah – light breakfast 
  • 10/11 – Lulavs and Libations in the Sukkah Bar with Brotherhood
  • 10/25 – Holiday Boutique
  • 12/21- WRJ Hanukkah party 
  • 12/24 – Chinese for dinner at the temple
  • 01/23 – TuBishvat Seder with Rabbi
  • 01/27 – Women’s Shabbat 
  • 02/09- BingoTini
  • 02/21- Book club with Tony Weissberg (Purim)
  • 03/06- Purim Party with Brotherhood and temple friends
  • 03/23- Nisan – glass making – seder plate
  • 04/08 – 4 cups wine tasting Passover and Havdalah with Brotherhood
  • 05/08 – Lag B’Omer Bonfires and Beers with brotherhood

President – Dara Swartzon
VP Communications – Brittany Mohler
VP Programming – Sue Warren, Cindy Auerbach
VP Ways & Means – Lauren O´Connor & Lauren Lipsky.
VP Advancement of Judaism – Donna Karen Rosenblum-Pickens
VP Membership – Tracy Kahn
Recording Secretary – Jaime Adamczyk
Corresponding Secretary – Leah Nachman