Carolina Spector

Latin Community Engagement

Published On: 15 de agosto de 2023

Carolina Spector, a dedicated educator and artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been working in TKAE since 2016. With a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Buenos Aires, she brings a deep appreciation for aesthetics and creativity to her 33-year journey in education.

Carolina’s roles in various Jewish organizations include Lead Teacher, Art Teacher, Jewish History instructor, and Mentor. She takes pride in organizing engaging programs and events that leave a lasting impact on her students and colleagues.

In her warm and inviting classrooms, Carolina nurtures creativity and encourages self-expression, empowering students to find their voices.

Beyond her professional life, Carolina’s enthusiasm for the arts extends to her personal interests, including painting, literature, performing arts, and traveling to experience diverse cultures.

Carolina is married to Gabriel and is a loving mother to her two wonderful children, Ezekiel and Nicole.»