Adult Education

“Ben Bag Bag said: Turn it over, and [again] turn it over, for all is therein. And look into it; And become gray and old therein; And do not move away from it, for you have no better portion than it.” (Pirkei Avot 5:22)

Our Rabbis teach us that at the age of five our Jewish formal education begins but it never ends. As we grow the Torah should grow together with us. At TKAE we believe in the value of “Talmud Torah” (Jewish learning) for all ages. We offer several classes and programs on a weekly basis and also special programs with scholars in residence and conferences throughout the year. As we take pride in being the “people of the book” we extend an invitation to all our members and non-members to take an opportunity on a regular basis to open some of the books of our tradition in search of wisdom and spiritual uplifting.


Weekly classes

Monthly Walks

Join us during the year for our Sunday morning Walking Tour Programs. We’ll explore a wide variety of Jewish and South Floridian  points of interest, culture and cuisine! This program is led by Cantor Mark and Valeria Michanie.